Natural hair oils – New BFF
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Natural hair oils – New BFF

In the current day busy schedule of our modern daily life, we often miss giving the priority to our hair care that it needs. Rather we tend to buy packaged products that false promise wonders. Else, we just compromise with quick costly salon treatments in our busy schedules.

Various traditions and cultures around the world use natural hair oils for haircare. So this is not a new find. But as and when generations progressed, consciousness about oily hair, oily face, and hence dull looks took precedence. So, there was a slow shift to using oil-free products to ensure fresh faces when going out. But these days, heavy hair falls, early baldness kind off hair problems awakened us and we restarted to be more concerned about our hair care, and natural oils have become our BFF to fix all hair and scalp issues.

The extraction processes of oils at low temperatures are good as their natural form is preserved. For example, unrefined coconut without any added additives will be in the pure form immediately after extraction. It is always better to use oils in their natural state for the best results. But one important point is that we need to use them before they end their shelf life since they tend to get old faster than the packaged ones which have preservatives.

It is always better for us to use natural oils that penetrate well into the hair shaft if we are concerned about hair fall. However, if we are concerned about moisturizing, most natural oils work fine. All oils do not penetrate the same way into the hair shaft. For example in coconut oil, the molecules building the fatty acids are small and hence they can easily penetrate deep into the hair cuticle. That’s why most of us reach out to coconut oil as our first choice when we wanted natural oils. From olden days coconut oil is the widely used oil, but the scientific fact behind it is this. On the other hand, natural oils from Olive and Avocado have slightly bigger molecules that find a difficult way through the hair shaft. But they still do well for moisturizing and also deep conditioning. Some oils just coat our hair and they are good for heat protection. Oils like grapeseed, sweet almond, and castor are some of the best heat protectants.

I prefer to use a combination of oils as per the situation and need. While going out I use heat protectants which also serve as pollution protectants. And when relaxing on weekends, I do massage with coconut oil for some time and then wash my hair. It is always good for kids, natural coconut oil combined with powdered hibiscus flower and even with curry leaves or grape leaves. These combinations do wonders to prevent dandruff and promote hair growth. They will definitely do not upset women, kids and even men who love to have dense hair. Even men can use these to prevent rapid hair fall and prevent becoming bald at younger ages. Once you lost the whole of your hair, it is almost irreversible to regain it. Hence men can use natural hairs as preventive measures for hair fall and remedy for dandruff. Prevention is always better than cure.

The state of hair impacts a lot on our confidence. Hence we should be wise and be in touch with our BFF natural oils in our everyday life that helps us with healthy gorgeous hair.

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