Organic Scalp Treatment: Natural Hair Detox

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Experience the transformative power of our Organic Scalp Treatment. The Natural Scalp Detox gently scrubs away flaky dead skin, product buildup, and hard water residue, alleviating dandruff and psoriasis symptoms. Infused with healing Shea Butter, Argan & Coconut Oil, this vegan-friendly treatment cleanses without causing harm or dryness. Use it weekly as a pre-shampoo treatment to eliminate toxins and impurities, revealing fully cleaned and revitalized hair and scalp.

The Natural Scalp Detox scrubs away flaky dead skin, product buildup, and hard water residue from your scalp and hair.It helps alleviate symptoms of dandruff and psoriasis and rejuvenates the scalp-skin with healing Shea Butter, Argan & Coconut Oil.

The vegan friendly Natural Scalp Detox scrub is infused with herbs, dry flower and fruit peels that will gently cleanse your scalp without causing any harm or dryness. It can be used as a weekly pre-shampoo treatment that sloughs off any toxins that may have built up in your hair. Natural Hair Scalp Detox helps to pull those stubborn impurities out of the hair shaft and get your hair and scalp fully cleaned.

The natural ingredients used in Sulom Natural Scalp Detox are of the highest quality. The ingredients make the perfect blend for not only clarifying those nasties from your scalp but moisturise the scalp at the same time.


Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Dried Rosemary, Dried Green Tea Leaves, Dried Orange Peel, Dried Lemon Peel, Dried Hibiscus Flower.


  • Intensively and gently purifies the scalp.
  • Removes impurities and dead skin from the scalp and hair and promotes stronger and healthier hair.
  • Prevents hair loss by increasing blood flow to hair follicles.


  1. Apply the scrub directly on the wet scalp using circular motions to stimulate the scalp and massage gently for few minutes.
  2. Wash off thoroughly with a regular shampoo. Using conditioner is optional as the ingredients in the scrub act as natural moisturiser for your scalp.

NOTE : All our products and ingredients are natural to ensure they give the best results as nature intended. Our main focus is to give great quality natural hair care product, so we ensure there are no artificial perfumes / chemicals added to these oils. Due to the natural ingredients added, the fragrance levels of the infused ingredient may vary.Although this product is made with natural organic ingredients , it is recommended that you do a patch test on small area of your body. The product is only for external use.

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Organic Scalp Treatment: Natural Hair Detox

Organic Scalp Treatment: Natural Hair Detox


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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Mcdonald
100% recommend.

Nice consistency , gentle for the scalp massage and was very hydrating after hair wash.


Its smells divine ⭐️ and is super gentle on my scalp. I have even used this as a scalp for my body and it’s just super !!!

Lynn Rosso
Good Stuff !

5 star rating!


Used this scalp tox along with the hibiscus & rose oil and my hair felt instantly incredible.